was founded in 2001.

– NIELGARD supplies interior for trains to the Scandinavian market and is specialised in interior in aluminium, stainless steel, glass and laminated plywood.

– NIELGARD offer a wide range of glass and class solution to trains and other business.

Nielgard AS offers these basic project disciplines:

NIELGARD AS is capable of transforming our customers’ design to a full scale mock-up.

NIELGARD AS builds full scale mock-up according to designs and specifications in various materials.

Research and development
Our research and development is carried out on the newest Autocad equipment and is performed by highly educated and trained people.

NIELGARD AS R & D develops the design to meet the specifications and norms. Necessary test, to fulfil the specifications, is performed at test centre in Europe.

NIELGARD AS builds prototypes to verify the specifications. Prototypes can be made in our workshop and placed in the train to visualize the product.

NIELGARD AS is capable of making documentation (LCC/RAMS) according to our customers’ specification.

NIELGARD AS has a quality policy that states: Our product (construction, mock-up, prototype, documentation and production) must meet our costumers’ requirements through a controlled process which starts in construction and ends by the expiration of the guaranty

System delivery
NIELGARD AS is specialized in total system delivery, which means we are capable of delivering all parts needed for the installations in the train. Delivery is made in returnable boxes, which can be placed beside the train in our costumer’s production facilities

NIELGARD AS is a system supplier.

To control the sub supplier NIELGARD AS has a fully-integrated finance and production system to secure delivery on time in the best possible quality.