- Windows with ventilation top window

  - Windows for side doors

  - And front screen

NIELGARD frame system

NIELGARD AS offer a wide range of window frame system to outside windows.


Frame systems

The frame system is delivered from NIELGARD AS

– with the double-glassed unit pre-mounted in the primary frame, ready to mount in the car body.

– the frame system can be delivered in flat and curved shapes.

– this solution is saving valuable mounting time on the manufacturing line without specially trained mechanics.

– the outer design of the car body can be totally even and without any visible screws, giving the wagons a high quality surface.

Glass panes

The frame system can be fitted with glass panes, which meet your specifications:

– Glass panes in 1, 2 and 3 layers of glass
– Toughened or toughened laminated safety glass
– Gas filled spaces
– Colour glass
– Silk screens
– Edges according to specifications
– Low U (K) values
– High noise reduction
– Optimal light transmissions

This window system allows the end-user to replace broken windows totally from the outside. The replacement windows are delivered glued to the primary frame, ready to mount onto the train.

The replacement is simply made like this:
1. Remove rubber profile.
2. Remove screws.
3. Remove double-glassed unit with primary frame.
4. Clean the mounting surface.
5. Place the new double-glassed unit.
6. Mount the screws.
7. Place the rubber list.

This operation is made within one hour and the train is ready at once to enter service. This simple replacement operation makes replacement of outer windows quick and can be made almost everywhere without specially trained service people.